Tulane’s Teacher Certification Program “Training Global Teacher for Global Classrooms” Conference

This event is open to K-20 educators and administrators. Registration costs $99.00.

The Pontchartrain Center, Kenner, LA– April 19-20th, 2012

Today’s students live in a global ­society–ease of travel, the internet and social media brings the world closer to our doorsteps every day. Our national security, local business and the long term sustainability of the environment all depend on the ability of our citizenry to competently communicate with people and organizations from different countries and cultures. As a state that supports a critical mass of innovative bilingual and immersion programs, and in a city where one in 10 students speaks a language other than English at home, Louisiana and New Orleans have a clean mandate to follow former state Superintendent Paul Pastorek’s lead in designing a “world class education” for student from preschool to college. Tulane University’s Teacher Preparation and Certification Program (TPCP) will host a day-and-a-half “Training Global Teachers for Global Classrooms” conference April 19-20, 2012, to assist educators, administrators and university and community college faculty with the latest tools and technologies to expand their teaching toolbox — even if they’ve never left the country.

There are two anticipated measureable outcomes during the conference:

  1. Increased awareness and knowledge of global content tools and resources; and
  2. Incorporation of lessons learned into classrooms across the state.

To ensure lessons learned make it to the classroom, organizers have devised a three-part evaluation plan spread over two years, including pre- and post-tests, focus groups and follow-up surveys, in partnership with the Stone Center for Latin American Studies at Tulane. Data collected will form the basis of a 2014 report on the future of internationalization efforts in Louisiana schools. Attendees who are interested in participating in the “Training Global Teachers for Global Classrooms” conference can register online at http://fs19.formsite.com/mhodges3/form18/index.html

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